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Sogliadatai/The Eye
Dear List,

working on Sogliadatai/The Eye, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a
shortage of essays devoted to this prose.

Moreover, some items in the online bibliography on Zembla are rather
difficult to find, at least here in Italy.

For example, I cannot have the access these titles:

Fromberg (-Schaeffer), Susan: "The Editing Blinks of Vladimir

Nabokov's The Eye". The University of Windsor Review

(Windsor, Ontario), 8 (1), 1972, pp. 5-30

Johnson, D[onald] Barton: "Eyeing Nabokov's Eye". Canadian-

American Slavic Studies (Vancouver, British Columbia), 19(3),

Fall 1985, pp. 328-350

Gourg, Marianne: "Dialogisme et identité dans Sogliadatai".

Cahiers de l'émigration russe (Paris), 2, 1993, pp. 77-84

Can somebody help me? Does anybody have .pdf files of these articles?

Are there more recent contributions on this novel, besides the ones
mentioned by D. B. Johnson in the Garland Companion?

I do thank you for your kind help.

Irina Marchesini

Ph.D. candidate, University of Bologna


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