NABOKV-L post 0021042, Wed, 8 Dec 2010 13:55:30 -0200

Re: Butterflies Made a Darwin Doubter of Vladimir Nabokov ...
Emily Sours: Regarding this article, it references the Discovery Institute [ ] a well-known right wing Christian organization. They have nothing to do with actual science or evolution. I'm ashamed that someone even sent this to a list like this.

JM: I was as puzzled as you by the tendencious sweeping conclusions presented by Monica Maeckle, but I think it's important that the Nab-L editorial policies remain open to divulge "substandard" texts and facetious articles, since it is an Open Forum and pertinent criticism, such as yours, may follow later and reset the Nab-L perspective.

btw: an errata related to a former message, about SKB's PSSA. Instead of "forking paths" (unlike Borges & closer to Nabokov) I should have written "closer to Robert Frost".
Nabokov's inclusion of "time-forks" seems to indicate, at least, a third lane that would be unrelated to chance and determinism.

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