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VN on audio ...& KQKn & Inception
if you check in with this website now and then you can see the current
titles in production and their tentative release dates. at first
audible was slow to get them on the their site, but now Nabokov is
showing up more quickly. I also talked to a person from the
audiobookstand site and they gave me months for release of other
titles not listed yet, notably Ada, and Transparent Things late next
year. It appears that they do intend to narrate all of VN by the end
of next year. You can order cds or mp3 discs directly from them as
well. I have listened to Mary, some Short Stories, Bend Sinister, and
currently in KQKn and have noticed a few things that slipped by me or
that I've forgotten.

I would be curious to know how people react to the wordplay etc.
without seeing it, and how well people remember what they've heard in
relation to the Ebbinghouse "curve of forgetting" whereby people lose
80% of what they learn/hear (?) within 24 hours.


once in a while click on VN's name and refresh the list and new titles
and dates pop up.

Also in regards to KQKn, has anyone remarked on the 1st paragraph of
Chapter 2?

"...Another awakening, but perhaps not yet the final one. ...this is a
false awakening, being merely the next layer of your dream, as if you
were rising up...Is this the final reality, or just a new deceptive

I left a lot out, but this, along with mentioning the railway station
and trains, made me wonder if Christopher Nolan read this before
Inception! This is almost the opening of the film not to mention its
premise. The similarities leaped out at me and I called a friend and
read it to him, first asking if it sounded familiar. I'm very struck
by how much dreams and dreaming are woven into the novels, I'd
forgotten that.

Darryl Schade

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