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Top 10 Banned Books You Need to Read ...

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The Top 10 Banned Books You Need to Read
On December 29, 2010, In Daily List, by stephaniem

We all remember the torn up, faded copies of forbidden books we secretly passed to each other in hallways. Or the books you hid under your bed only to bring out after you heard the television go off and the house quiet. Frankly, it’s appalling to me that any of the books below were taken off shelves of stores or schools, but perhaps the removal just increased the intrigue and inspired more people to buy them.
I have compiled a list of some of my favorite banned books to bring back those rebellious childhood memories or just strike a curious cord. We all have some part of us that craves to be a little naughty so, why not be a productive, perverted rebel and read? Do it.

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1. Lolita
Vladimir Nabokov

Originally published in 1955, Lolita was immediately banned in France in 1956 and not published in the U.S. or United Kingdom until 1958 because it contained “sheer unrestrained pornography.” Fine, sex with minors is bad, but this delves not only into the mind of a pedophile, but seriously makes you wonder if he’s the bad guy or the victim of this conniving, sinister nymphet. Humbert Humbert is one fucked up fella, but the reason this book freaked everyone out so much is because his love is a relatable love. The love he feels for Lo is genuine, obsessive and true. If you read nothing else on this list pick this one up – Lolita will force upon you all the darkness and twists you secretly desire.

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