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QUERY: VN butterfly drawings
Dear list,

I'm wondering if anyone has done a roundup of the known butterfly drawings
that VN made specifically to give to friends and family. There is, of
course, Sarah Funke's* Vera's Butterflies, *as well as the illustrations
accompanying Brian Boyd's introduction to the "Nabokov's Butterflies" April
2000 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. But I'm wondering if there has been any
kind of compilation of all known recipients of personalized butterfly
drawings given with a book.

Christie's pages list Vera's and Sonia Slonim's copies of books with
dedications and drawings that went on the auction block (e.g.,
and Sandy Klein contributed this announcement of Dmitri's decision to sell
his library in 2004 (http://bit.ly/ersNMm), but does anyone know of anything
more comprehensive that might indicate how many people received such highly
personalized first editions or other copies of VN's books?


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