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Re: VN and Freud
Jansy read "somewhere...".

Lacan used to say that Jung had told him in 1954 that Freud had said in
1909 when they glimpsed the Statue of Liberty on reaching the United States:
"They don't realise we're bringing them the plague."

This has been questioned by Elisabeth Roudinesco, but there seems no good
reason to doubt it. It is consistent with other statements of Freud's.

See the announcement of my Inner Circle Seminar No. 142 on 6 September
2009 for the centenary of Freud and Jung's visit to the USA in 1909 at
(http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/2010/01/bringing-them-plague-centenary.html) .

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In a message dated 10/02/2011 16:07:34 GMT Standard Time, jansy@AETERN.US

Stephen Blackwell:...I agree with the idea that Nabokov's main opponent
was (is) the popularized Freud...The public image of Freud and Freudianism is
its own, free-standing cultural beast (if you will), in part caused by
Freud's willingness to publish some things that seem to authorize that beast's

JM: Although I tried to move towards other Nabokovian themes, I now gave
in to a sudden urge to repeat, to regress, to digress. When I read SB's
"cultural beast" I was immediately reminded of a sentence, attributed to Freud,
that was suggestive of SB's Beast. Trying to recover it by google-search I
discovered an article about Freud and Nannies (I haven't yet read the
article in question...).
For a long time I mused about Freudian nannies, significantly present in
his earliest works, to Nabokov's experiences with Mademoiselle - and a few
other girls and young men. We know how important they were, and how young
Nabokov felt enthranced by Mademoiselle's recitations in French, how appalled
he felt by the urine stench from her room, how another nurse Mlle Ida "de
La Rivière" was seen peeing in a river in Ardis, aso...).

The quote: "I read somewhere that, when entering New York, in his first
trip to America, Freud commented to Jung: "They do not know that we are
bringing them the pest". The pest, as a metaphor of something brought from the
exterior to the interior, certainly continues to spray itself until this
day, in the realm of Freudian history: there is always a letter, an interview,
or a document never seen before that shows that things were not really as
it was thought they were, that what was shown was not all that was to be
shown, or that what was shown did not correspond to the analysis made. That
is, the fantasies about this history are part of an interminable analysis or
an analysis without end."

The link: Cadernos Pagu Print version ISSN 0104-8333 Cad. Pagu vol.1 no.se
Campinas 2008 Freud's nanny and other nannies,Translated from _Cadernos
Pagu, Campinas, n.29 p. 61-90, July/Dec. 2007._
(http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0104-83332007000200004&lng=en&nrm=iso) Mariza

Lacan's own words in relation to "America" explored this "Freudian pest"

* Here is another link, this one directly related to Nabokov and Freud:
(http://www.aetern.us/article95.html) Published in Portuguese, in a psychoanalytic magazine named
"Alter" [Alter - Volume: XXI - nº 1 - Ano: 2002 - Psicanálise: fronteiras (I)]

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