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PS: I'd like to apologize to Philip Klop because, when I read it again, I
saw that my commentary seemed to jump over his helpful information about
the origin of the expression in German.("Die Schöne Böse Welt refers to the
German expression Die große böse Welt which means something akin to "The big
and dangerous world" or "The big and evil world". The expression stems
from children's literature and is used when a small child is exposed to the
overwhelmingly big outside world; thus stressing some sort of clash between
the small, good child in his safe home and the big, evil and dangerous world
awaiting him outside. )

I was muddling "the big bad wolf" and "the big wide world", both standard
English. Sorry. I don't think there's a standard English expression for
"Die große böse Welt", let alone "Die schöne böse Welt".

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