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Re: THOUGHTS: World - L = Wordactually,
Victor Fet addresses..."everybody in -L" to inquire if "A word" is a "world" with an L (logos? Log?) removed./Could THIS be Ada's L Disaster?"

JM: Your question and conjecture made my spine tingle. There's an elegant concision in it, also because it is faithful to several affirmations made by Nabokov (for eg. "we don't think with words"). A symbol can only arise from the absence, or suppression, of what is symbolized... However, I'm not sure that such a conviction would gain expression, in Ada, as the "L Disaster," perhaps because it only deals with words in English (words/worlds). Is there anything equivalent to "L" in Ada that depends on a play with "mir" (besides his link to an artist's 'mirage')? After following Alexey's explorations of the "Russian Ada", somehow I began to feel that, in this novel, America and Russia are really blended.

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