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[NABOKOV-L] Proper names... Haze
Various co-relations to "Haze" were brought up at the Nab-List, including Nabokov's comment on Haze, together with German word for hare (Hase).
There's an article by A.Sklyarenko about the various doctors in ADA (Dr. Krolik, Prof. Lapin) whose names conjure rabbits out of invisible hats. But "Haze" can point towards a totally different direction ( the harlequinade & the balagan) & I only just found out that Haze in Russian is "Marevo".
In LATH we read "I might enjoy entertaining a few dear sycophantic friends in the arbor of my favorite manor Marevo ( where I had first 'looked at the harlequins') His lines are related to Belyi and Blok, in an article by S.Senderovich and Yelena Shwarts "The Juice of Three Oranges: An exploration in Nabokov's Language and World.) #6 Nabokov Studies. For the authors "Nabokov's harlequinade never forgets its origins in the world of Blok and Meyerhold. The transformation of the ethereal, poetic harlequinade staged by Nabokov...into the crude self-parody of Vadim Vadimych in a way repeats Blok's evolution noted by Belyi." (87-8).
I thought non-Russian speaking participants would like to learn about that.

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