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Re: Frost/Shade Query
In a message dated 11/1/2009 7:29:19 PM Central Standard Time,
michael.glynn@BTINTERNET.COM writes:
> Dear Frances
> There are several links - the fact that Frost is invoked by name in the
> text (p 41 of Penguin edition) is one factor. Shade is also a Frostian with
> his philosophical/transcendental tendencies etc .A Kind Regards
> Michael Glynn
In an essay to be published by Gingko Press as part of a "facsimile"
edition of Shade's notecards, I suggest that Yvor Winters, whom VN knew, is a
plausible model for Shade. Brian Boyd has written a splendid analysis of the
poem (which should put to rest forever the notion promoted by some that VN
intentionally wrote a "bad" poem to serve as a mere sounding board for
Kinbote's rhapsodics). It is clear from the poem that Shade is intended to be a
younger competitor of ("one oozy footprint behind") Frost.

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