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Re: QUERY: Bend Sinister poem?
Perhaps you are thinking of the Zemblan translation of T of A? That's in
Kinbote's note to line 39. If it's really BS you mean, are you thinking of
the poem in chapter 12, which VN made by combining lines from Moby Dick?

A curious sight--these bashful bears
These timid warrior whalemen

And now the time of the tide has come;
The ship casts off her cables

It is not shown on any map;
True places never are

This lovely light, it lights not me;
All loveliness is anguish--


>>> On 12/15/2008 at 10:43 PM, in message
<4946DD7702000012002EC1E4@dudley.holycross.edu>, NABOKV-L
Anybody have a copy of Bend Sinister handy? There's a poem I wanted to
quote -- I remember it as some version of the Shakespeare Timon of
Athens passage from which the title of Pale Fire is drawn -- "The moon
is an arrant thief" -- but different. Can someone help me? Thanks!
--Tim Henderson

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