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Add Stanley Edgar Hymn
A followup to Flora K. on Stanley Edgar Hyman, I failed to inclued the
references to Nabokov, the first on page 21 in his demolition of Edmund Wilson:

"Another attribute of Wilson's, perhaps less admirable, that makes him an
excellent interpreter of literature is his skillful use of other men's
researches and insights, sometimes without credit. Wilson used...many of the
specific insights of Vladimir Nabokov, whose translations he has been working with
for several years, (Wilson is quite possibly indebted to Nabokov for the
remarkable, and quite uncharacteristic, detailed analysis of musicality in a
poem by Pushkin he printed in his Pushkin article in the Atlantic Monthly, an
analysis that seems to represent a remarkable acquaintance with the Russian
language on Wilson's part and seems at the same time very characteristic iof

Hyman also cites Nabokov's "odd study" of Gogol and his use of literal
translation on pp. 32-33, too lengthy to quote here.


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