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Re: MORE on Nabokov and Freud

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Further to Nabokov and Freud:

A great American writer named Charles Bukowski probably could have used a
little professional therapy, but shared Nabokov’s disdain. Bukowski’s line was
something like, “The psychiatrists have a word for people like me. And I
have a word for the psychiatrists.”

Freud was not a psychiatrist. He was a neurologist (i.e., a real doctor) who
developed a form of conversation (i.e., a non-medical discipline) that is
independent of his, or anyone's, medical knowledge. This discipline, although
open to abuse, is potentially of great value. As Freud himself insisted, it is
not part of medicine. Nor is it part of the pseudo-medical enterprise called
"psychiatry". Disdain based on ignorance of the most elementary and easily
ascertainable data is itself deserving of disdain.

Anthony Stadlen

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