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THOUGHTS: Lukashevich and other names in PF
Many many thanks to all who provided info regarding the roots of
Lukashevich. I was interested in this question because Lukashevich is the
one name that doesn't appear in Nabokov's source for this and other
information on family names in PF. That source, by the way, is Sabine
Baring-Gould's Family Names and Their Stories (1910). Baring-Gould's entry
for the name "Luke" says "Luke: whence come Lukis, Lukin, Luxon, Lukitt,
Locock." (You can read more about this source in my article in the next
Nabokovian.) I have said before that I think VN included Locock in his
list as a nod to C.D. Locock, a fellow literary man and chess-problem
composer. But I think his next comment about the ways names may diverge
from the pebble of a common Christian name (sorry, I don't have it in front
of me just now) should make us ask how the other names he gives us (Lukin,
Luxon, Lukashevich) differ from each other. So I was interested to know why
VN included Lukashevich (beyond it adding a Russian touch) and what
Lukashevich might mean at the root.


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