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Fw: Reply to Phil Iannareli re Quilty'S name
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Is that not reason enough?


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Will Schultz's item on Quilty provides more evidence
that VN chose the name Quilty just so he could use it
as a pun and an element of the plot.

Phil Iannarelli
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> EDNOTE. This is worth more than the 2 cents
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> My two cents:
> I haven't got my copy of the novel handy, but if I
> recall correctly, not long before the phrase
> "..qu'il t'y méne.." , HH's narration refers rather
> mockingly to the genre of detective literature that
> drops broad hints to the solution in italics. So
> then, of course, shortly thereafter, because the
> phrase is in French, it appears in italics ! A
> wonderful typically Nabokovian joke for the informed
> reader. The translation - "that he lead you there"
> or "that he should lead you there" (subjunctive
> tense) - leads my mind to an obvious interpretation:
> "that the author lead you (us the readers)" to a
> finding, in this case, the all-important solution to
> the "detective mystery" - who abducted Lolita?
> will schultz