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Morozov, Yablokov et al. in LATH
Would I despise her [Lyuba Savich] for having an album with reviews of my books pasted in--Morozov's and Yablokov's lovely essays as well as the trash of such hacks as Boris Nyet, and Boyarski? (2.2)

While Morozov & Boyarski bring to mind Boyarynya Morozova (sister-in-law of tsar Alexey Mikhailovich's tutor and brother-in-law Boris Morozov, a penitent of Archpriest Avvakum), Morozov & Yablokov seem to hint at R. Frost and A. Appel (moroz means "frost" and yabloko, "apple").

As to Boris Nyet, Boris = orbis (Lat., circle); Ньет (Nyet) = тень (ten', Russ., shade; shadow)

Blagovo + lake = golova + Blake (golova - Russ., head; Blake - William Blake, English poet, 1757-1827, beloved by Vadim Vadimovich)
Vadim's second wife, Annette Blagovo, drowns in the Rosedale Lake (4.2).

harlequin = hale + Quirn (Vadim's University)

Vadim Vadimovich's surname can be Yablonsky. In the preparatory notes to The History of Peter (1835) Pushkin mentions voevoda (a Polish governor of province) Yablonsky:

Племянник Станислава воевода Яблонский вёл интриги противу Августа.
Stanislaus's nephew voevoda Yablonsky carried on an intrigue against August. (1713)

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