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french terms in pale fire
Dear colleagues,

My Turkish traslation of Pale Fire will soon be published by Iletisim
Publishing House in Istanbul.

I need your help for two expressions in French:* *
*feuilles-d'alarme *and *volant en arrière.*
"He claimed to have improved the glitter and rattle of the so-called
feuilles-d'alarme used by grape growers and orchardmen to scare the birds."
"From far below mounted the clink and tinkle of distant masonry work, and a
sudden train passed between gardens, and a heraldic butterfly volant en
arrière, sable, a bend gules, traversed the stone parapet, and John Shade
took a fresh card."

What explanations may be given as translator's notes?


*Yiğit Yavuz*

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